Social Responsibility

Blandford Consulting provides innovative services, solutions and tools for:

  • Facilitating Public-Private partnerships
  • Social Impact Assessments and Roadmaps
  • Aligning Social Investment to Organisational Strategy
  • Triple Bottom-line Reporting
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Performance Management Plans
  • Local Economic Development and mainstreaming a sustainable livelihoods approach
  • Assisting companies achieve social accreditation standards like ISO 26000, Global Compact, SA8000, Fair Trade labels or sector based voluntary initiatives

Sustainability Reporting

Being a responsible business also implies transparency. Consumers, investors, the supply chain, local host communities and other stakeholders all need to know about the company's efforts in order to appreciate them. Blandford Consulting  guides and supports its clients towards translating current state of company performance into fact based sustainability reporting, including reporting according to GRI guidelines.

Blandford Consulting also provides third party accreditation statements in annual  reports, sustainability reports or other public outings based on our objective evaluation of the performance of the company.

Community and Stakeholder Engagements

Blandford Consulting provides innovative tools for enhanced community and stakeholder cohesion, development and decision making. Towards achieving these, we build on the 4 principles; aligning social investments to communities that are directly affected by company projects; ensuring best businesses practices; ensuring effective participation; and enabling businesses explore solutions with their host communities.

Social Assessments

We have the capacity to develop tools for a wide range of assessments that are demand driven and cross-cutting. These include: social impact assessment and roadmaps; social audits; performance evaluations; and monitoring and evaluation.

Local Economic Development (LED)

Blandford Consulting provides governments, the private sector, not-for-profit sector and local communities with the opportunity to work together to improve the local economy of local communities. We aim to enhance competitiveness and thus encourage sustainable growth that is inclusive.

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Blandford Solutions

Get holistic expert business advice geared towards long term sustainability, growth and competitiveness

We offer comprehensive practical solutions on a wide range of specialist areas including corporate governance; leadership; strategy, finance and risk Management; business, human rights and corporate responsibility; community & stakeholder engagement etc.

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