Blandford BASE Modules

Blandford Base 1.0: Business Advisory Services for Enterprises

Blandford Base 1.0 programme is one of Blandford Consulting’s cutting-edge flagship programmes tailor-made and contextualized to provide tools, solutions and advisory services to entrepreneurs, managers and key business functionaries towards long term growth and competitiveness.

Get holistic expert business advice geared toward long term growth and competitiveness. We offer comprehensive  practical business solutions on a wide range of specialist areas including  corporate governance, leadership, strategy, finance and risk management, business , human rights and corporate responsibility , community and stakeholder engagement.

Blandford Base 2.0: Business and Society Exploring Solutions

BASE 2.0 provides the opportunity for companies to access information and learning and get support about better dialogue and understanding between business and their host communities.

The programme is pivotal to helping businesses and stakeholders find effective ways to solve problems and resolve disputes. The programme covers mechanisms based in companies, industry associations, multi-stakeholder initiatives, government agencies, national, multilateral and international institutions.

Through the programme, we also provide participants with a space to share information, interrogate current issues, foster learning and enhance dialogue across key thematic areas.

Blandford  Base 3.0: Assurance and Verification of Social Performance

The Blandford Base 3.0 is designed to equip Board of Directors and Executive Management with needed tools and solutions toward verifying company performance in key areas such as human rights, management of non-financial risks, stakeholder engagement, performance reporting, social responsibility and accountability.

We offer social assessment, social audits, performance evaluations, monitoring and evaluation. Through these tailor-made Blandford Base programmes, we create the opportunity  for businesses to achieve long-term growth and competitiveness.

How are these programmes different?

  • Tailor made to suit specific resource people in management, leadership, public and private sector in both big businesses and SMMEs
  • Provides cutting-edge skills
  • Financially appropriate structure
  • Use of world class facilitation methods that includes the use of social media platforms, forums and networking sessions
  • Flexible and thorough
  • Provision of continuous advisory and specialist business support
  • Strategy, guidance and planning
  • Access to specialist business support

For in-depth information in any of these programmes, contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Blandford Solutions

Get holistic expert business advice geared towards long term sustainability, growth and competitiveness

We offer comprehensive practical solutions on a wide range of specialist areas including corporate governance; leadership; strategy, finance and risk Management; business, human rights and corporate responsibility; community & stakeholder engagement etc.

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